Artist Info

rosalind mcgary artist info"As a visual artist, I am creating conversations about life and loss, love and longing: experiences that connect us. I focus on basic line and shape because I feel that is where emotion lies. By concentrating on simple form and layering embellishment afterward, I hope to create images that are composite and engaging to look at yet revealing of their essence. Detailed patterns or beading adorn the truth that underlies the image. This invites the viewer to engage, and possibly connect with the depth of common life experience, at the core of the work."

--Rosalind McGary

Rosalind’s work has been featured in solo and collaborative shows at Los Angeles Museum of African American Art, The African American Museum at Oakland, Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco, Hampton University’s Art Museum, Atlanta’s National Black Arts Festival, New York’s Art Expo, and the New York National Black Fine Art Show. Her work is exhibited in galleries in the San Francisco Bay Area, New York, and Los Angeles. Public projects include teaching art with the youth outreach program through the East Bay Consortium for Quality Health Care and the SPEAR project at UC Berkeley, creating a mural for the Downtown L.A. mission, and co-curating RISE: Love. Revolution. The Black Panther Party, an art event highlighting the Black Panther Party’s contribution to International Social Change. Rosalind is currently artist in residence at the Sheen Center New York, where she is working on a permanent installation scheduled for dedication in the Fall of 2015. She currently lives and creates in Southern California.